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About Prince Kaybee: Everything You Should Know About Him

Mar 2, 2022
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Prince Kaybee is a DJ, media personality, and house music producer from South Africa. Kabelo Mostomai is his real name, and he was born and bred in Senekal, near Welkom, South Africa. Read on as we discuss Prince Kaybee, his personal life, career, and achievements.

His Town

Senekal is in the eastern part of South Africa, near the Sand River. Commandant FP came up with the name of this town. After Ficksburg, the main town, and headquarters of Setsoto Municipality, it is the second-largest town in the municipality.

Senekal is on the N5 highway between Winburg and Bethlehem. Afrikaans and Sesotho are the two official languages in Senekal. However, Sesotho is the most common language there.

Furthermore, you can visit interesting places like Biddulphs Mountain Resort, Arizona Game Reserve, and the Willem Pretorius Game Reserve.


Prince Kaybee came from a low-income family, so his family could not afford his tuition fees to see him through. However, he could get to the eleventh grade before dropping out. It wasn’t due to lack of tuition, but he impregnated his lover. So, he fled from his hometown and family.
He ended up on the streets of Bloemfontein’s boulevards. He bounced around from club to club, looking for jobs until he landed a residency as a DJ at a Nigerian-owned club.


As I said, Prince Kaybee started his career as a DJ in a Nigerian-owned club. He met a woman while working as a DJ, and she gave him the chance to live with her. As a homeless boy who didn’t have a choice, he accepted the offer.

During work, he got his first laptop. This allowed him to learn and practice DJ work on his own. As far back as 2013, an agent took him to a church, and then Prince Kaybee competed in a Disk Jockey competition on SABC1. Since then, he has released a lot of songs and albums.


A reality came up in 2015 for DJs to compete for the next big thing, and Prince Kaybee participated. He won the show, thus, making him a house music producer.
Then, for the 6th MTV Africa Music Awards, he was nominated for Listener’s Choice in 2016. Also, he was nominated for the first DStv Mzansi Viewers’ Choice Awards and his song for Tune of the Year.
Further, he won the Male Craftsman of the Year at the 24th South African Music Awards. He also won Best Move Collection, Best Delivered Album, and Record of the Year awards.
In the same year, he was a guest judge on the Season 1 finale of The Remix SA, which aired on September 21, 2018.

Net Worth

Prince has been in the entertainment business for a long time and has had many successes. He has a net worth of $1 million.

Relationship Status

Brown Mbombo used to be Prince Kaybee’s girlfriend. But his present girlfriend is Zola Ayabulela Mhlongo, a radio broadcaster, and they’ve been dating since 2020.
There has been various news about how they met and how intimate they are. However, some news circulated on May 5, 2021, about Prince Kaybee cheating on his love, Zola Mhlongo.
People posted a screenshot of his discussion with the woman he cheated with on Twitter, and the news spread like wildfire.