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FULL ALBUM: Heavy K & Mbombi – Thandazela

Aug 20, 2021
ALBUM: Heavy K & Mbombi – Thandazela

Heavy K & Mbombi – Thandazela Zip Album Download.

Heavy-K and Mbombi are now back to the street to take the music scene to another level entirely with their upcoming joint EP named Thandazela. While we wait in anticipation for this genre defying and sound redefining project, the drum lord has pull down the cotton for us on the EP’s and it is awesome.

Stream and download below.

Tracklist Below:

1. Heavy K & Mbombi – Thandazela ft. Lu Ngobo MP3 Download

2. Heavy K & Mbombi – Jimile ft. Murumba Pitch MP3 Download

3. Heavy K & Mbombi – Uyeke Remix ft. Natalia Mabaso MP3 Download

4. Heavy K & Mbombi – Mantu ft. Aymos MP3 Download

5. Heavy K & Mbombi – Cd-J ft. Busiswa & 20ty Soundz MP3 Download

6. Heavy K & Mbombi – Ngekhe (Stoko) ft. Tman Express & DJ Jaivane MP3 Download

7. Heavy K & Mbombi – Amathe ft. Ntunja & 20ty Soundz MP3 Download

8. Heavy K & Mbombi – 2-Series ft. Civil Soul MP3 Download

9. Heavy K & Mbombi – We’mngage ft. Sino Msolo MP3 Download

10. Heavy K & Mbombi – Utywala ft. MalumNator MP3 Download

11. Heavy K & Mbombi – Vuma ft. Miss Twaggy MP3 Download

12. Heavy K & Mbombi – Kunini ft. Civil Soul MP3 Download

Download Zip File Here